Why Take Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the most important supplements available. Helping to boost the immune system, keeping you from getting colds and illnesses, as well as strengthening bone health, tissue growth, and repair of bones and tissue, this important vitamin helps in keeping your body functioning at its best. It also helps in keeping your body cancer-free by fighting off free radicals. Vitamin C can help to absorb iron, protect against cardiovascular disease, and other issues with heart and bone health. 

Reasons to take Vitamin C 

The mod important reason to take vitamin C is to combat blood vessel changes that signal oncoming heart disease, as well as keeping you healthy in terms of fighting off colds and infections. Many people take vitamin C to boost immune function, which is one of its most important benefits. It can also help in fighting off plaque building in the arteries, preventing heart disease by blockages. It can also be helpful to take vitamin C to keep your blood sugar level at a healthy place.  

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps to keep your body healthy by altering your lipid profile. This keeps blood vessels elastic, healthy, and able to keep cardiovascular stroke and damage to a minimum. This is done by its ability to prevent coagulation and plaque buildups. Additionally, Vitamin C helps to enhance damage from oxidation by exercise while boosting exercise’s health promotion benefits. It can help to keep colds to a minimum, and even keep H. Pylori infections from showing up — as well as preventing gastric cancer risk. 

Studies Done on Vitamin C 

A few studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of this powerful antioxidant and vitamin through the years. One was done in 2002 on thirty one patients around age 62, who took amounts of five hundred, a thousand, or two thousand milligrams of vitamin C each day. Over a time period of 8 months, the study found that those who took enough vitamin C were able to drop diastolic and systolic blood pressure, as well as blood lipid level changes for the better. 

Reduced Body Mass Index from Vitamin C

Some people have lost weight while taking vitamin C as it improves a fat suppressing hormone called adiponectin. This was proved in a study in 2008 which showed sedentary non smokers had lower levels of vitamin c than those who had higher vitamin C levels — and more fat suppression ability. 

How to Gain the Greatest Benefit from Vitamin C 

To achieve the most amount of effectiveness from Vitamin C, it is wise to continue eating healthfully, exercising, and maintaing a positive lifestyle while taking the vitamin. It can help to keep exercise benefits continuing through your system for several hours after finishing, as well as boost energy, mood, and overall health. It can even help ward off cancer by promoting interleukin 6 levels — which are vital in minimizing tumor growth. 

Taking a modest supplement of this vitamin daily such as in 200-500mg is a good way to start. You can also take higher amounts of vitamin C, up to 1000mg per day if advised to do so by your physician. You will notice key benefits such as better immune system function and heart health right away — particularly if you have been exercising on a regular basis. 

Additional Reasons to Take Vitamin C 

This powerful little vitamin has also been proven to reduce stress in men and women who take it daily. A study done on vitamin C supplementation of five hundred or 1000 mg for 2 weeks determined that it can help to prevent breakdown of important aspects of heart and muscle health. While many individuals experience muscle fatigue and soreness post-exercise, vitamin C can help to prevent these symptoms by boosting oxidation in the bloodstream and keeping levels of nitric oxide at their peak. 


Vitamin C is an important factor in keeping your heart, tissues, and bones in good shape, as well as allowing you to boost immune system function. Rather than struggling to achieve better lifestyle benefits through diet alone, supplementing vitamin C can be a much easier choice. Available in both individual vitamin supplements and as part of most multivitamins, this important supplement will keep your blood rich with oxygen while letting you fight off cancer and enjoy a positive, invigorated lifestyle. You can also take Vitamin C as part of the supplement Calm, which contains adequate levels to promote positive energy and mood. 


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