What Does Anxiety Mean?

A lot of times, men and women who suffer from anxiety may wonder, "What does anxiety mean? Why is my body doing what it's doing?" You might even feel like you're losing your mind. 

What you're experiencing is 100% relatable. I've been there. It's why I chose to study psychology... So that I could help other people avoid the pain and suffering I experienced during my worst bouts of anxiety.

One of the biggest fears that anxiety sufferers have is that they're losing their minds. They want to know what it means to be feeling everything they're going through. 

This is what anxiety does to the human body. See, anxiety can be a result of a number of different things:

  • Reaction to stress
  • Lack of proper nutrients
  • Lack of sleep
  • Hormonal inbalance
  • Negative or unhealthy thought patterns
  • Traumatic event(s)
  • Genetics and/or deficiencies in particular brain chemicals

More often than not, people suffer anxiety as a result of handling stress incorrectly combined with a lack of proper nutrients and sleep. 

How To Deal With Anxiety

First, make an appointment to see your doctor. Get a medical exam to make sure that everything's fine with your hormones and health.

Next, talk to someone. Don't allow anxiety to become a secret that you keep to yourself. Otherwise, you'll simply suffer in silence. By talking about it, you can make it an external issue - one that you'll eventually be able to destroy. Find a trusted counselor, therapist, or coach you can talk to.

Lastly, make sure you're taking care of yourself. Your counselor, therapist, or coach will give you tools to help you handle your anxiety better. You want to make sure you're getting all the sleep your body and brain need in order to function better. 

Calm Helps with Anxiety

By taking Calm, you'll be giving your brain and body the nutrients it needs in order to make sure it's functioning at its best. With added rest, you're allowing your body and brain to recover from the stress of daily life. 

Be sure to take some additional time throughout the day to have some peace in your day. Exercise, listen to calming music, go outdoors, get in the sunlight, meditate, or read something that calms your mind.

Stay tuned to this blog for additional tips on what you can do to deal with anxiety and stress.

If you're struggling with anxiety, know that YOU CAN BEAT THIS. My team and I will be here to make sure of it.


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