Using Meditation to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Meditation is a fast and simple way to reduce stressful symptoms no mater where you are. By simply using this powerful mindfulness technique, one can quickly. get rid of the anxiety that comes from the day’s events and restore a sense of peace and calm. By using meditation, many individuals have found it possible to regain a sense of control over their life while keeping anxiety and stress at a minimum. Many people have now turned to meditation as a way to lower blood pressure and keep your attention focused on one thing. 

Meditation Benefits 

In addition to helping calm your sense of racing thoughts that often accompanies a stressful work day, mediation helps to reduce stress and even lower the blood pressure. Thanks to meditations ability to restore health and emotional well-being, meditation even carries over to the rest of your day, ensuring that you maintain a sense of positive mind and body. Benefits of meditation include being able to focus on the present, reducing emotions that are negative, boosting self awareness and perspective on difficult life issues, as well as helping to foster new skills for stress management. 

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety 

Meditation offers powerful benefits for the reduction of stress and anxiety, including lowered risk of cancer, anxiety disorders, heart disease, depression, chronic pain, and even sleep difficulties. Meditations can help to restore a sense of positive mind while also helping to keep you feeling fresh, healthy, and balanced. Scientific research is increasingly supporting meditation as a good solution for those seeking a holistic stress reduction method. 

Meditation Types 

There are a number of different types of meditation you can practice to achieve peace and calm. These include mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, and guided meditation. Yoga, Tai chi, Qi gong, and transcendental meditation are other popular forms of meditation. 

Mindfulness meditation is used by focusing in a specific part of the present moment, broadening your current sense of awareness. By focusing on what you are currently experiencing — such as your breathing — you become situated in the present. You will be able to see emotions and thoughts as they pass by, but do not fixate on them. 

Guided Meditation includes a way of using specific visual cues or images to help form a place or area in your mind that seems relaxing to you. Often, this technique includes a teacher to prompt or help you through the process. 

Ways to Meditate 

If you want to reduce stress and anxiety quickly, using meditation is a good way to do it. To do a simple meditation exercise no matter where you are, you can simply conduct a basic outline of activities that includes a comfortable position, quiet setting, relaxed breathing, and focused attention. You can do this if you’re sitting or lying down, using an area that won’t have cellphones or TVs on. Use relaxed deep breathing through the diaphragm to ensure your body is gaining the greatest amount of air and helping circulate the flow and rhythm of your body. Finally, be sure to focus your attention on one specific image, object, mantra, or breath. 

Scientific Benefits of Meditation 

Meditation is continually being backed up by a number of scientific studies that have proven that it is an effective means of reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation helps you feel more connected, adding hours to your day, reducing aging, helping you appreciate life and making you happier. Meditation also has been proven to help boost brain function. It has been shown to help boost weight loss while improving sleep patterns at night, as well. All of these factors play into the overall quality of life of the practitioner, while also helping to reduce anxiety and stress throughout the whole day. Studies have shown that meditation is an increasingly effective way of naturally reducing stress, rather than having to resort to drugs or sleep aids to ensure a relaxed state of mind. 


As a means of naturally improving your quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety in your body and mind, meditation is an excellent choice. This powerful, simple technique can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. All you need to do is find a quiet place to focus your attention on one thing — such as your breathing — and then allow yourself to concentrate on that specific aspect of the present moment. After using meditation, practitioners find themselves more stress-free and attentive to life as a whole. 


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