The Benefits of B Vitamins

B Complex Vitamins have a number of very important, powerful benefits. Helping the body to ward off heart disease, keep bones and muscles in good shape, and remain cognitively alert and well-functioning, B complex vitamins include vitamins B-6 and B12. When seeking to remain in optimal health through the use of vitamins and supplements, B complex vitamins are of integral importance. Many recent studies have shown the importance of Folic acid in conjunction with B6 and Vitamin B12, which work together to boost physical and mental health. 

Benefits of B Complex Vitamins 

There are numerous benefits to B complex vitamins. These include greater mental sharpness, better immune system function, the ability to ward off stress, heart and CVD prevention, and overall better muscle and bone health. Additionally, B complex vitamins have been shown to boost mood, energy, and even improve vision health and function well into old age. 

Function of B Vitamins 

B vitamins are necessary for a number of basic processes within the body. For example, B6 and B12, both of which are in the supplement Calm, can assist in the regulation of digestive and nervous system function. They help to boost hormone production, immune system function, and protein breakdown. They are also necessary for regular development and growth of cells to ensure the body stays in good shape. They are also known to help lift mood, boost heart health, and keep skin disorders to a minimum. 

Preventive Abilities of B Vitamins 

B6 and B12 can both help to boost energy. There is a delivery mechanism included in B12 that helps to maintain nerve growth and myelin sheathes that keep nerves well protected. It is also helpful in burning carbs and fats to keep your body energized and strong. Thanks to the importance of B12 in regulating body metabolism and function, the body is able to see huge increases in energy simply by taking a supplement that includes this important vitamin. Both B6 and B12 can stave of asthma, allergies, heart disease, and even cancer. They are considered helpful in preventing disease and even warding off stress and high blood pressure. 

Additionally, a study done at Harvard showed that users of B complex vitamins were able to keep their eyesight longer over a period of time in which they took supplements, while those who took the placebo didn’t have the same preventative effects. 

Other Benefits of B Complex Vitamins 

B Complex vitamins are also able to help preserve mental and cognitive function, shown through tests and ability measurements done in the lab. One study showed that those who took b complex vitamins over 2 years had much less brain atrophy than those who did not supplement. This was due to the level of homocysteine, which is toxic to the brain, which B6 and B12 work to reduce. Thanks to their ability to fight homocysteine, B complex vitamins are also useful in reducing bloodstream plaque — especially inside the arteries, where it can lead to heart disease or even death. 

Feedback on B Vitamins from Users 

Those who take supplements that include B vitamins almost always notice a difference in their health. Some users have reported better mood, less frequent illness, and overall improved health, wellness, and mental functioning. One user who supplemented with B complex vitamins actually felt that he was getting younger, having better energy, mood, vitality, strength, and endurance as he went about his daily activities. Another user of the supplement experienced more stress reductive properties, such as feeling relaxed but still mentally alert, which he attributed to the use of b complex vitamins. 


As a method of remaining strong, healthy, positive, and in optimal condition for as long as possible, supplementing with B complex vitamins will provide numerous benefits to the brain and body. They can be found in a number of helpful supplements such as Calm, or taken over the counter through multivitamin form — or simply on their own. Rather than having to feel continually tired, drained, lethargic, and fatigued, B complex vitamins can help to restore your former sense of health and wellness. You’ll find while taking these powerful supplements that you have overall better mood, positive energy, and a sense that life is yours for the taking. If you’ve suffered with illnesses, cardiovascular disease, or any sort of ill health at all, B complex vitamins can help restore you to how you were before stress took hold. 


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