Health Benefits of Folic Acid 

Folic acid is a powerful source of B vitamin that is often found in broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, and a number of other natural vegetable sources. In addition to helping DNA repair and synthesis, folic acid can actually ward off cancer, as well as helping to boost resistance to anemia. Used to treat a few different types of ailments, folic acid is also useful in helping pregnant women to stay healthy and give their fetus exactly what the child needs — as well as helping out heart health, weight loss, and a number of other health benefits. It is even useful in keeping the mind calm, preventing anxiety, and warding off feelings of stress and high blood pressure. 

Benefits of Folic Acid 

In addition to helping sperm viability, stroke reduction, cholesterol reduction, and heart health, folic acid is also helpful in helping the body maintain a strong metabolism and steady level of weight maintenance over time. Folic acid, contained in supplements such as Calm, can also help to keep the mind in a healthy, positive frame, keeping anxiety and panic at bay. Through the production of greater neurological activity in the brain, folic acid helps patients who are at risk of dementia or depression to alleviate or ward off symptoms entirely. 

Stroke Reduction and Heart Health 

By keeping levels of homocysteine at bay, folic acid reduces stroke risk. Most people experience greater risk of blood vessel damage as they get older, which can cause strokes to happen. Folic acid minimizes homocysteine buildup, keeping clotting in the blood vessels to am minimum. Folic acid is a good safeguard to ward off potential symptoms of stroke risk. It is also helpful in keeping your heart healthy by promoting better blood flow and red blood cell regeneration, as evidenced by its use as a cure for anemia. 

Anxiety and Mood Management 

One of the most important uses of folic acid is its use in keeping mood levels normal. Thanks to its ability to regulate neurotransmitter cycling and activity, folic acid is considered one of the key sources of absorption and creation of neurotransmitters. For this reason, it is helpful as a natural means of keeping mood at a normal level and anxiety levels at bay. Users who took folic acid over a period of time during a study in 2012 were found to have decreased levels of anxiety and stress, while the control group didn’t experience any reduction in symptoms. 

Colon Health and Wellness 

The colon can actually benefit from folic acid intake, thanks to the gene activation brought on from folic acid. In a study done in 2013, folic acid was shown to boost the chance of warding off colon cancel — as well as its key aspect as a dietary aid for cell production and regulation. 

Case Studies

Users who take folic acid on a regular basis often find it to be one of the best sources of supplementation for dietary healthy and wellness available. Used as a means of keeping anxiety at bay, folic acid can be fond in supplements such as Calm, which is helpful in regulating mood and encouraging a sense of peace and healthiness. One user who took folic acid supplements said that her mood showed a substantial increase over a period of about 2-3 weeks, while another user said he saw serious results in terms of his cholesterol levels.

Another user, an older man who was experiencing an increased risk of stroke, found that folic acid was extremely useful in giving him healthy mind and body, adding to his sense of wellness and overall mental capacity. He even found himself able to implement a new exercise routine thanks to the health benefits of folic acid, which rejuvenated his heart, metabolism, and weight loss efforts. He now swears by the supplement, saying it’s one of the main ways he stays young every day. 


As a health supplement, folic acid promises numerous benefits, including better heart health, improved mood, lessened stress and anxiety, and a sense of overall better metabolism, neurological functioning, and more. Folic acid can be taken on its own or as part of another supplement — such as Calm. When taken regularly, folic acid shows numerous possibilities in keeping users in a fresh, healthy, positive state of mind — as well as providing a healthy body as well. 


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