Chamomile Benefits: Can it Help You Relax?

A powerful herbal remedy intended to alleviate anxiety and stress, chamomile helps to treat chest cold, inflammation of gums and wounds, as well as eczema, psoriasis, and other major ailment. Used as a remedy for stress, however, chamomile is one of the most powerful ingredients available. When taken as part of a supplement such as Calm, chamomile can bring relief from even the worst stress and panic. When you feel a major sense of anxiety, using chamomile is a natural, safe, and effective way of dealing with the problem.

What Is


Coming from the herb known as Chamaemelum mobile in Latin, chamomile is frequently used to calm stomach or sleep issues. However, it can also function as an effective mind-calming supplement when taken as part of a product such as Calm, or simply taken on its own. Available in tea, dried, pill, or ointment form, chamomile is fast-acting, safe, and natural. It is typically useful in fighting off bacteria and swelling when used topically, as well as helping to induce a state of calm in the mind when taken for stress relief.

Effects of Chamomile on the Central Nervous System

When used to calm the mind, chamomile provides an effective treatment. Known as a tisane when it is made through its most pure herbal form, chamomile helps to promote a sense of soothing in the nervous system and even help to relieve insomnia and stress. It can help to quickly provide relief for stressful situations, and is useful when taken as a way of unwinding after a rough day.

Chamomile in Calm

The supplement Calm contains chamomile, which makes it a proven, safe, and effective remedy for stress and panic. When taken as part of this supplement, chamomile provides important health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, heart rate, a decrease in racing thoughts, and a general lessening of anxiety symptoms such as nervousness and jittery feelings.

Benefits of Chamomile

In addition to helping the body naturally unwind from stressful situations, chamomile can help to promote a general sense of calm and safety, as well as relaxation, that persists throughout the entire day. Taken two times per day, chamomile, can help to alleviate problems in the mind when one tends to get overstimulated or stressed out. Many people suffer from repeated stress and anxiety-inducing situations at work and school, as well as the pressures and demands of modern life. However, chamomile can quickly act as a natural herbal remedy to help.

Supplement Forms

When taken as a supplement (such as through Calm), chamomile helps to quickly provide a fast means of feeling relaxed. While it does promote relaxation, it won’t make you feel drowsy or sleepy, making it a good way to calm the mind while still staying alert enough to carry out daily tasks. It helps by promoting levels of GABA and serotonin in the mind, keeping your mood stable and helping to create a relaxed but alert state of cognition. This means it won’t make you nod off — instead you’ll just feel peaceful but still able to carry on conversations and normal activities.

Actual Results

Many people who use chamomile find that it is a great way to reduce problematic symptoms from difficult, stressful situations. Users report feeling a sense of better sleep, healthy skin, and even the ability of chamomile to fight off cancer. This is due to its ability to quickly act as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, reducing issues that cause your skin to breakout with rashes or pimples. In addition, it soothes the stomach from feeling acidic, keeping heartburn to a minimum.

By relaxing the lining of the stomach and intestinal muscles, chamomile helps to keep digestion running smoothly — which in turn helps the entire body feel better throughout the whole day. Used over the years as a holistic remedy in the from of its natural herbal state — or in supplement form — chamomile is a great way to relax and keep your mind calm.


Chamomile, when taken as part of the supplement Calm or any other way, can help to create a sense of peace, calm, and lessening of anxiety. By proofing lower blood pressure, less propensity to develop cardiovascular disease, and even a lessening of depression, fatigue, and anxiety, chamomile is an effective and holistic means of treating inflammation, stress, and irritability. It will also help you have a longer, safer, and healthier day throughout the week.


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